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Auxiliary Scholarships To Further Careers of EPHC Employees

August 10, 2018

Eastern Plumas Health Care’s Auxiliary is pleased to provide scholarships to EPHC employees annually. Applications are accepted from July through September 30th. Scholarship funds are awarded to those employees wishing to continue their education in the medical field in order to advance their careers at our hospital. Things typically covered are advanced certifications, job related expenses, and continuing education – including tuition, books, uniforms, or transportation. All applicants that meet the deadline will be interviewed by a committee of Auxiliary members. For any questions, please contact Janie McBride, EPHC Auxiliary President at 530.520.3292.

Irene Wojek, Psych NP, Completes the Behavioral Health Team

August 3, 2018

Irene Wojek, Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, works in Eastern Plumas Health Care’s (EPHC’s) Behavioral Health Program. Her patients primarily are those who benefit from psychotropic medications to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, or psychosis. A key component of her job is to make appropriate diagnoses and formulate a good treatment plan that includes medication and therapeutic support. Additionally, patients in EPHC’s Program need to be under the care of an EPHC primary care provider who will recommend referral to Behavioral Health staff when necessary. Occasionally, Trish Foley, Marriage and Family Therapist, will determine that a patient she is...

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            Creating a Legacy: Hospital’s CFO Retires After 23 Years

July 11, 2018

Jeri Nelson, who has faithfully served as Eastern Plumas Health Care’s Chief Financial Officer for 23 years, retired Friday, June 15. She left behind a frighteningly neat and empty office as she hugged Katherine Pairish, the incoming CFO, and said, “Take good care of it.” Several of those who worked closest with Nelson went into her office after she went out the back door. One of them, Teri Becky, who had worked alongside her for that entire 23 year period, broke down and cried. CEO, Tom Hayes, called her, “the best CFO I’ve worked with in my career. She’s very...

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Behavioral Health, Part II: Trish Foley, Counselor, LMFT

June 11, 2018

Eastern Plumas Health Care’s Behavioral Health Program is based on a collaborative care model, which utilizes a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and a counselor who both work in collaboration with their patients’ primary care providers. Trish Foley, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, provides counseling services for those who are referred for, or request counseling. Irene Wojek, PMHNP, a Primary Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, joined the program in May. She provides medication management and counseling services. EPHC’s program is based on that of the AIMS (Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions) Center out of Washington State, explained Foley. They...

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Bringing It All Together: EPHC’s New Behavioral Health Program

May 16, 2018

Eastern Plumas Health Care’s new Behavioral Health Program, jump-started by funding through a federal grant aimed at improving “the way care is delivered through California’s safety net hospital system,” has taken a big step forward recently. The grant has allowed EPHC to begin caring for the mental and emotional health of their patients in conjunction with the medical care they’ve already been receiving. Clinic Director, Rhonda Grandi, who wrote the grant, felt this was the project most needed by EPHC’s patients, given the high number of patients with a behavioral health diagnosis.   “Previously,” said Grandi, “the...

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EPHC Focuses on Improving Patient Care

May 1, 2018

At the March 29 meeting of the Eastern Plumas Health Care (EPHC) District Board of Directors, discussion centered on the updates made to the 2017-18 Operating Plan (OP), along with talks regarding improving customer service and gaining employees. In regards to employees at EPHC, much loved Portola dentist, Mario Garibotti, who joined the EPHC team last year, will be leaving at the end of June. Garibotti plans to move back to Southern California. EPHC recently hired Katherine Pairish, who will replace outgoing CFO, Jeri Nelson, this summer. Nelson has seen EPHC through good financial times and bad, and is adept at finding...

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Putting the “Loyal” in Loyalton

March 30, 2018

Teri Palmer, a long time Eastern Plumas Health Care employee, has worn many hats since she started at the hospital in 1985. Currently, she serves as Registration Clerk at Loyalton Medical Clinic, where she is updating the look of the Clinic’s interior by reaching into Loyalton’s past. Palmer’s family has lived in the Sierra Valley for eight generations, counting her grandchildren. At one point in the late 1980s – early 1990s Palmer says her “entire family worked here. Myself as CNA, Toni CNA/lab, Tami secretary to the Director of Nursing, my mom in the kitchen and dad in the maintenance...

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EPHC’s New/Old Ambulance

March 26, 2018

Eastern Plumas Health Care has a new/old ambulance. Getting creative in order to give patients the best, and possibly most important, ride of their lives, Ambulance Manager, Steve Waldeck, recommended the hospital purchase a new Dodge chassis with a state of the art refurbished “box.” Waldeck said EPHC saved over $50,000, still coming through will all the important safety features, a vastly more comfortable ride, more visible LED lights, and a lower emissions vehicle. In short, the new rig is “more efficient, more reliable, and more responsible,” said Waldeck.

The Opioid Crisis

February 14, 2018

Dr. Paul Swanson will give a talk on the Opioid Crisis in EPHC's Education Center on the Portola Campus next Wed., Feb. 21 at 5:30. This is a subject that is vital to our community! Please attend if you can. Questions/more info - please call 832.6597. The following is one of this week's featured editorials in Plumas County's newspapers. The Opioid Crisis By Paul Swanson MD, Vice-Chair of Board of Directors, Director of Emergency and Hospitalist Services, Eastern Plumas Health Care In August 2016 the Surgeon General of the United States sent a letter to every physician in the United States asking for help...

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EPHC Says Goodbye To Dr. Michelle Kim

January 4, 2018

A letter from Dr. Michelle Kim to her patients: Dear friends, As many of you may already know, I sustained an injury this summer, and I have not been able to make the commute to Portola from my home in Truckee. For those of you who had appointments that have been changed and rescheduled over the past several months, I truly appreciate your patience. Unfortunately, even though I have been healing and improving, I have made the very difficult decision to resign my role as a primary care provider at Eastern Plumas at the end of January 2018. Until then, I...

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