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EPHC’s Portola Campus Participates in STATEWIDE DISASTER DRILL, Nov. 16, 9am-12pm

November 15, 2017

THIS IS ONLY A DRILL! Tomorrow EPHC's Portola Campus will be participating in a statewide disaster drill. This includes an "active shooter" incident in Quincy. We will be seeing "casualty patients" and "family members," and as much as possible, we will be responding as if this was a real disaster. Please keep this in mind and SHARE-- THIS IS ONLY A DRILL!

We’ve Got You Covered, CA!

October 31, 2017

We've got you covered, California! Come to our certified enrollment specialist for help enrolling or re-enrolling in your Covered CA health insurance. The open enrollment window for Covered CA is short--Nov. 1 - Jan. 31! Let us help you get the health coverage YOU DESERVE! Call 530.832.6568 for more info.

Employee Appreciation Picnic 2017

September 4, 2017

EPHC's 2017 Employee Appreciation Picnic took place on Saturday, Sept. 2 at Portola Park. Lots of fun and a little bit of mayhem, combined with good music, fine food, and great people made it a superb day. We are lucky to work with these people! The Goodales always look happy to be here together! Logan and family at our Employee Appreciation Picnic. Alanna and Annie.
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TV Coverage Tells The Story Of Plumas County’s Proactive Approach To The National Opioid Epidemic

August 24, 2017 Eastern Plumas Health Care's Dr. Wendy Flapan was featured in a recent KCRA spot on the opioid crisis and how our hospital is working to fight opioid addiction in our community. EPHC also featured in the August 23rd Plumas News editorial: "TV coverage tells the story of Plumas County's proactive approach to the national opioid epidemic: The topic leant itself to a negative portrayal of Plumas County, but the exact opposite occurred. Last week KCRA, the NBC affiliate out of Sacramento, highlighted the opioid epidemic facing this country and featured Plumas County in one of its pieces. "It would have been...

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August 7, 2017

Friday, August 4 through Monday, August 7, 2017 Plumas and Sierra Counties Plumas County Public Health and the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District are extending a joint air quality advisory to notify the public of potentially poor air quality conditions at least through Monday, August 7, caused by the Minerva Fire south of Quincy in Plumas County ( For the next several days, Plumas County’s Air Quality will continue to vary as Fire Crews work to contain the Minerva Fire.  It is important to remember that smoke can be damaging to your health.  Exposure to elevated PM2.5 (fine particulate matter in...

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Marion’s Garden Comes To Life

June 9, 2017

Marion’s Garden Club, Or How To Build A Dream Portola’s skilled nursing facility director, Lorraine Noble, has started a Wednesday garden club, and she’s asking for volunteers to help “preserve and enhance Marion’s Garden.” Marion Vorhees is a skilled nursing resident who has spent several years bringing a patch of dirt and gravel behind the facility to brilliant, colorful life. Eastern Plumas Health Care’s previous groundskeeper, Robert Hayes, used to bring cuttings from home and worked with Marion in her garden. Initially, according to Noble, Marion planted hens and chickens in one corner. Then, Noble gave Marion a private room where she could...

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CA Dept of Public Health Works On Controlling Norovirus Outbreaks

May 24, 2017

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is working with local public health departments across the state to help control norovirus outbreaks that have increased in the past few weeks, and are occurring in schools and other institutional settings. Norovirus is highly contagious and can spread quickly in settings where people come in close contact with each other such as cruise ships, daycare centers, schools and health care facilities. It is the leading cause of gastrointestinal illness in the U.S.   “Norovirus outbreaks usually have an annual peak like we are seeing now. They can be particularly large and disruptive in schools,...

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EPHC April Update

April 4, 2017

Eastern Plumas Health Care’s new Behavioral Health Program, funded by a grant from the state, is taking shape on its Portola campus. The innovative program will integrate behavioral health with primary care. Offering mental health treatments in a primary care setting is convenient for patients, can reduce the stigma associated with treatment for mental disorders, builds on existing provider-patient relationships, and can help improve care for the many patients who have both medical and mental disorders. We are currently hiring a licensed social worker and a psychiatric nurse practitioner. They will join our newly hired program manager and case manager....

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EPHC Welcomes New Dermatologist, Dr. J. Hibler

February 20, 2017

Eastern Plumas Health Care’s new dermatologist, Dr. J. Hibler will be the first to tell you, it’s been a long road home. Recently Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology, Dr. Hibler grew up working in his father’s dermatology office in Ohio, which confirmed his interest in the specialty. He was drawn to dermatology because of its hands on nature, and its visual aspect. Dermatology, like radiology and surgery are “very visual specialties. I’m blessed with a knack for picking up visual patterns,” said Dr. Hibler. Rashes, for example, have surface changes. It’s a “puzzle and a challenge....

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EPHC Opens City Warming Center to Public

With recent power outages and all-around heavy winter weather, the Jan. 26 meeting of EPHC Board of Directors put a focus on disaster preparedness and ways to serve the community. DeeDee Clark, Nursing Administration Coordinator at EPHC, spoke about the recent weather event. “When I started at EPHC in September 2016, immediately noticed the disaster plan and saw a need to breathe fresh life into it. This was extremely helpful when heavy storms hit Portola in early January, and having a good pre-disaster meeting got everyone on the same page, between the staff at EPHC and the staff at the City.” The...

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