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COVID-19 Update

November 12, 2020

Doug McCoy, CEO, Eastern Plumas Health Care

On November 11, 2 020 Eastern Plumas Health Care received notification of a fourth positive COVID-19 test result for Loyalton Skilled Nursing Staff members. We continue to test all staff and residents on a weekly basis. EPHC staff has notified resident’s families. At the time of this press release all residents have tested negative.

The prevention protocols will help us continue to successfully identify possible cases and a potential outbreak to the facility and community.

Since the initial pandemic began, EPHC has been diligent in follovving both CDC and County Public Health guidelines to maintain the safety of our residents, patients, staff members, and the community. Due to the increase of cases locally and statewide, we will not be allo\,ving visitors on any of our campuses.

We continue to work with County Public Health for contact tracing and re-testing of all employees and residents in our Skilled Nursing facilities. We will continue to maintain our prevention protocols, which have been in place since March across all our campus locations.