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EPHC Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines

January 5, 2021

It is the goal of Eastern Plumas Health Care (EPHC) to remain in conventional operational capacity for as long as reasonably possible. If our operational needs shift, we will move into contingency capacity, and then to crisis capacity in order to remain functional as a hospital system. If at any time EPHC needs to move into contingency or crisis capacity, staff & local health officials will be alerted immediately.


Contingency Capacity Plan:

  • Beds will be used in Respiratory Waiting Area to accommodate increased patient load.
  • Staff will be shifted from their normal schedules as necessary to ensure continued safe hospital operations. Staff may be floated to other units as needed. Efforts will be made to procure contract & registry staff. Isolation & quarantine guidelines will be shortened, according to CDPH’s COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance (
  • PPE and other supplies will be re-used according to CDC’s “Strategies for Optimizing PPE Supplies:” Resource requests will be submitted to local MHOACs to meet supply demands.
  • Level of care should be standard, but may be delayed due to an increase in census.

Crisis Capacity Plan:

  • Respiratory waiting area will continue to be used. Cots may be set up in alternate care sites (such as tents) if required and available.
  • During crisis, all attempts will be made to achieve standard patient ratios. This will include efforts to obtain traveling staff and coordinating with local MHOACs if this cannot be achieved. If there are no alternatives for additional staffing, ratios may be altered, according to AFL 20-26.4. If ratios are altered, a waiver ( must be submitted to
  • Supplies may be rationed to certain procedures. Example: if we are at crisis capacity for N95 masks, these masks may only be given to staff performing aerosolizing procedures.
  • All medical care will be subject to triage, and higher acuity patients may need to remain on our acute unit. All efforts will be made to transfer out to higher level of care.