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Safe Communities

Updated brochures with recent changes to the Child Passenger Safety (CPS) law and information on correct seat use for all ages are available at the links below:

Community Health Needs Assessment

Plumas County’s Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a report on the status of the health and wellbeing of Plumas County residents during 2016–2019. Health and wellbeing, as defined here, involve much more than the need for clinical services or access to health care. Rather, the CHA looked at a comprehensive spectrum of community and environmental factors that influence an individual’s quality of life. A wide range of information was collected about health outcomes, economic factors, physical infrastructure, health behaviors, and emotional/mental wellbeing, during an extensive Community Health Assessment process. Eastern Plumas Health Care played an integral role in the design and analysis of this assessment.

The results and analysis of the 2020 Plumas County’s CHA are available here:
The addendum (2022) of the 2020 Plumas County’s CHA are available here:

District Transparency