Hand Therapy

Therapeutic Care and Interventions

The Therapy and Wellness Center at Eastern Plumas Health Care is committed to offering various therapeutic interventions to help our patients return to their highest level of function.

Our hand therapist is an occupational therapist who, through advanced study and experience, specializes in treating individuals with conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. We work with fractures, paralysis, tendon injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, to name a few, and will effectively treat and rehabilitate our patients through post-operative rehabilitation.

We also address non-operative diagnoses, (also known as conservative treatment), prevention and industry consultation to avoid workplace injury. Our therapist works closely with the physician and patient to provide a continuum of care. This often starts within days of the patient’s injury or surgery right through their return to work and/or productive lifestyle.

At the Therapy and Wellness Center, our hand specialist has advanced certification and is known as a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT).

A CHT has at least three years of experience, plus 4,000 hours of hand therapy practice (upper extremity rehabilitation). A CHT must have passed a certification examination that demonstrates knowledge of all areas of hand therapy before being granted the right to use the CHT designation. It is quality care, right here in our own community.


Hand Therapy

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