Cardiac Rehabilitation

Specialty Therapy and Comprehensive Care

The Therapy & Wellness Center at Eastern Plumas Health Care has developed an Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation with established guidelines for a safe, effective, and successful program for patients with history of cardiovascular disease and/or cardiovascular events. The goal of this clinically supervised cardiac rehabilitation program is to improve the life and functional capacity for cardiac patients and reduce risk of secondary cardiac events.

Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) consists of a medically supervised team of providers comprised of Cardiologist and Medical Director Dr. Milind Dhond, Physical Therapist Amanda Ferraro, DPT, Heidi Ward, MA, PTA, and Dietitian Jennifer Vimbor, MS, RD.

The program focuses on managing heart disease and recovery from cardiac events such as heart attack, heart valve replacement, stable but chronic heart failure, open heart surgery, and more. It is also designed to reduce future heart risks. CR is a specialized course of therapy sessions prescribed by your medical provider.

A typical cardiac rehabilitation program consists of nutritional counseling, weight and diabetes management, smoking cessation, physical activity counseling, and exercise training. That’s why the program requires a team of providers to ensure the success of a patient’s progress and outcomes.

Because Cardiac Rehabilitation is a team effort, let us help you improve your heart’s future.


Cardiac Rehabilitation

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