Occupational Therapy

Achieve Independence

The Therapy and Wellness Center at Eastern Plumas Health Care is dedicated to providing our patients the ability to achieve the highest level of independence possible.

At the Therapy and Wellness Center, we focus on occupations and activities of daily living such as dressing, showering, cooking and home maintenance, to name a few. We serve adults and teenagers who have physical, behavioral and/or emotional impairments by helping our patients restore or improve participation in their jobs or other activities.

Our occupational therapists teach relaxation techniques and breathing strategies to reduce anxiety in patients who suffer from chronic breathing problems so they can build stamina to participate in much valued personal and social activities.

We also teach adaptive methods to allow a stroke survivor with a newly disabled arm and leg to be able to stand long enough in the kitchen to make a meal, using one-handed techniques.

Occupational therapy is key in recovering from a broken hip, especially for elderly adults. These skills help our patients to safely and independently put on socks and shoes, using an assistive device, so they can once again enjoy taking leisurely walks.

The Therapy and Wellness Center provides quality therapy service for our community and surrounding area.


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