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New Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

July 26, 2023

EPHC’s Therapy and Wellness Center Expands Services

Launching August 1, 2023, EPHC’s Therapy and Wellness Center located in Portola, Ca., will offer Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation to its growing list of therapy services. 

Considering its rural location, EPHC’s Therapy & Wellness Center offers some cutting-edge therapy with yet another unique service. Already established, the hand therapy program is distinguished by employing one of the only 9,000 licensed hand therapists in the United States. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) consists of a medically supervised team of providers comprised of Cardiologist and Medical Director Dr. Milind Dhond, Physical Therapist Amanda Ferrero, DPT, Heidi Ward, MA, PTA, and Dietitian Jennifer Vimbor, MS, RD. 

The program focuses on managing heart disease and recovery from cardiac events such as heart attack, heart valve replacement, stable but chronic heart failure, open heart surgery, and more. It is also designed to reduce future heart risks. CR is a specialized course of therapy sessions prescribed by your medical provider.  

A typical cardiac rehabilitation program consists of nutritional counseling, weight and diabetes management, smoking cessation, physical activity counseling, and exercise training. That’s why the program requires a team of providers to ensure the success of a patient’s progress and outcomes. 

Eligibility for the CR Program requires a referral from a primary doctor. Once accepted, a patient’s treatment plan is based upon assessments every 30 days.

For more information about CR visit or call the Therapy & Wellness Center directly at 530-832-6502.